Thursday, April 8, 2010

Are we ‘Free’?

College X, year Y: A student of freshman year slapped by a workshop instructor for unknown reason. After the diffusion of this news among all the students (from first to final year), they rushed up and burned the vehicles around, beat almost everything in their proximity to show their grievance. The action was definitely destructive and disreputable, but they (every student present in college) stood united and showed mental strength and physical presence. Following their unlawful act, they had to face the consequences, especially those in final years. Their degrees were delayed for few months and campus recruitment was also affected.
College X, Year Y: After settling the above business, a student from the second year was accused of being involved in ragging and was expelled from the college for one semester. The decision put a hold on ragging and thereafter no one dared to rag a junior. Gradually, things changed and today an interesting phenomenon of 'negative ragging' has started developing.
College X, Year Y+2: Same students, who were involved in the above-mentioned agitation and two new batches united to show their respect for the then Head of Institution, and talked to the authorities in an attempt to extend his tenure. This time same students stood united for a constructive reason.
College X, Year Y+5: A quarrel between first year students turned into a student teacher clash and a student (probably the culprit) was beat so badly that he was admitted in regional hospital immediately. Many such cases of conflicts in students were reported this year.
College X, Year Y+7: Again, a clash between students took place in a private party. After which some of them were put into police custody. Somehow, college authority came to know about this, and has again expelled some of whom involved in the clash along with few others who tried to help their friends (probably they were just being with their friends in the moment) in police custody, being accused of going against authority of college. Considering this incident a whack on the face (career) of these students, they still stand united (possibly). However, they feel helpless and are not able to do anything except sitting and blaming authority for spoiling few innocent careers.
Last time a student was expelled to take control over ragging, in which the authority succeeded. This time, what it want is a little difficult to understand, especially before the effects are visible. It is for sure that authorities can never plan to spoil its civic. However, in this case it seems that the authorities govern everyone, and the concept of freedom fades. Integrating above facts it is very clear that how the authority has changed the basic behavior of the pupils. The attribute of standing united and protesting for their rights is washed away. We have the freedom of thoughts and expression, but we are now unable to think and express (thanks to the policies). Most probably, it is done because this is what the economy and society of our free country requires. But what about our freedom! Freedom of Youth! Freedom of Thoughts! Freedom of Expression! It seems that we are still dependent and slave of a few people amongst us only.


  1. Welcome to the deemed varsity.
    Their rules, their decisions, student representation is namesake.

  2. oh and when I was posting the previous comment, the word for verification was "Sacred", hence this comment.

    Congratulations, for not being a student here.

  3. this is similar to what is happning in our coleg sir.congratulations sir,you are no more a student..
    but are we ,the students,to face such situations for the rest of our coleg life?