Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Master is never wrong

The Master is never wrong. Never doubt a Master what he says. I’ll site a few examples in support of this statement ‘The Master is never wrong’.

If you have watched the movie “The Kung-fu Panda”, Master Oogway guides Master Shifu to hand over the ‘Dragon Scroll’ to a clumsy Panda called ‘Po’. He was nowhere in the competition for being the ‘Dragon Scroll’ holder, still Oogway chose him to be the one. At that moment, Shifu was confused and could not follow exactly what Oogway meant. But, as soon as he started training Po, he realized that something can be done about it. Somehow, he managed to train him with a few skills of Kung-fu. Even then, he was not sure of Oogway’s decision. However, when it came to the ‘Dragon Scroll’, it was only ‘Po’ who got the point, and understood the secret of ‘Dragon Scroll’ as there was nothing really to see and to understand. However, there was something to realize that ‘there is nothing to be understood’. It is just you and ‘you’ who you need to understand. ‘Po’ realized the secret ingredient of tasty food prepared by his father ‘Ping’ the goose, which was ‘nothing’. He stood up with the ‘nothing’ and proved to be the real warrior that Oogway foresaw in him. And, he managed to defeat the snow leopard ‘Tai Lung’ and saved the ‘Valley of Peace’.

The second example comes from the life of Sri Sankaracharya, when he visited Gokarna. At Gokarna, he met a Brahmin named Prabhakara, who asked him to cure his deaf and dumb son. Without giving a second thought, Sankaracharya asked the boy, “Who are you? Whose son are you? Whence do you come and whither do you go?” Everyone was surprised what he is doing. Or, he is gone mad! But, the boy immediately replied, “I am neither a man, nor a Deva, nor a Yaksha; neither Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaisya or Sudra; neither Brahmachari, Grahastha, Vanaprastha or Sanyasi. I am Bliss Absolute.” Soon the boy became one of Sri Sankaracharya’s disciples, and was then known as Hastamalaka.

Another example is from puranic ‘Hindu’ mythology. As the demon Gajmukhasura, gained powers from the boon of Lord Shiva to be unbeatable, he started troubling humans and Devas. ‘Indra Deva’ then visited Lord Shiva for help, and asked him to control Gajmukhasura’s blowing activities that he was carrying out, out of his raised ego and powers. Lord Shiva then ordered ‘Ganesha’ to beat him and stop his mischievous acts. Ganesha was a kid then. Everyone was simply amazed that what Shiva is about to do. How can a kid fight a monster like Gajmukhasura, and defeat him. But, everything was so perfectly planned and thought of that Ganesha killed the demon and brought ‘Triloka’ to the peace.

So now moral of the story, never doubt a person who is the ‘Master’. Once you start having faith in master, everything is solved. However, the only challenge today is to find a ‘Master’.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Is it ‘DEATH’?

When ‘Thoughts’ stop striking your mind,
You are ‘Not sure’ what’s going in surround,
And there is ‘Darkness’ all around;
Is it death?

When the ‘Hope’ seems fading away,
Nothing in vicinity gives you the ‘Way’,
And your ‘Senses’ leave you midway;
Is it death?

When ‘Uncertainty’ is the only possession,
The ‘Darkness’ becomes your obsession,
And your ‘Being’ projects no reflection;
Is it death?

No! Dear, it cannot be:
Death comes with certainty,
Uncertainty can’t be the death.

From emptiness, life begins,
With darkness, light exists,
From the zero, numbers emerge,
With nothing, things appear.
It’s a beginning, beginning of a new ‘LIFE’.