Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Longing----->>> For ‘Nothing’

Whenever I close my eyes, I find myself incomplete. Like I am not what could be called a ‘destination’. Like, I am always following something. Without which, I am not complete. I try my best, but still not able to understand that void. Possibly that void is what I call my aim. The motive force, which is leading my life. It will be great if it is so. But, what after I will achieve my aim? Shall I be complete that day? I guess no! Possibility is, a new target will be set to chase. And the condition is going to remain the same. The void!

Until today, I have been incapable of filling that void. Not even a bit. The size is the same as it was when I was studying in class fifth and always dreamed of scoring highest marks in the class. Fortunately, I got and for a while, the void seemed filled. As soon as the classes of next session started, the void emerged again and of the same size. And I was again there, just with a first position (fifth standard) in my pocket. It was the case every year, until I joined the college and until today. Every year and moment, different things were targeted, but no improvement! I wonder if I will be able to fulfill that gap in my life or not.

Is this a search for a person, whom I can be closest? One of the possibilities. But, again, I have seen many people, who are well settled in this manner. And carry the same void.

This seems like a longing for something, which is going to fulfill the gap and complete my being. However, that something is ‘unknown’ to me. The positive side of all this story is: I always have some reason to live, let it be 'unknown'. Someday, I do not know when, I am going to fill this void.


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