Friday, March 19, 2010

Thanks to ‘Orkut’!

I remember very clearly the days full of rain. And, we used to cover ourselves under the gigantic leaves of a small plant (I don’t remember the name), in spite of umbrella, while returning home from school (K.V. No. 2 Binnaguri Cantt.), whose water generally used to stain our uniforms permanently (We didn’t know to fear anyone that time).

Days when we used to play football, on the direction of our Physical trainer, irrespective of our will. In an hour of sports, throughout the academically busy weekly schedule of our school timetable, we always wished to play cricket. But our Physical trainer and sports coordinator always said “Ye bhi koi mausam hai cricket khelne ka, ye lo football aur khelo”. Having football in my hands (as I was the class monitor), I always used to forget that we wanted to play cricket and not football. And crazily, ran to the enormous and water-filled playground that our school possessed, and entering the nearest vacant football field (there were three football fields). Once we were in the field, ball was always taken over by our Tribal mates (taking advantage of their height and strong built ). Frustrated by just running within the field and hardly getting chance to touch the ball, we (some of the shorter mates) used to exit the game and play our own game with our own small ping-pong ball, which we had enough remained with us (thanks to our science project: crystal structure of diamond and graphite ).

Today, I met one of my friends of those days. He reminded me of the letters we often used to communicate after his father was transferred to another place (Northern Command Udhampur). Ha ha… we used letters….. as there were no phones, no mobiles, and no emails/computers/emails (possibly these were not affordable at that time) and we used to communicate through letters only. I hardly remember his face, and he told me that he was also not in a condition to recognize me even after looking my photos my Orkut album; though, we used to pass more than twelve hours a day together, in school, in field after school, cycling, and watching WWF together (and many more, I can hardly recall all those).

It is second time that Orkut connected me with a close, unforgettable and lost friend of mine. Thanks to Orkut! I am really grateful to Orkut, and Google for enhancing the features which makes it easy to search people and contact them.


  1. The social networking sites have changed the world to a greater extent. When used properly they can be a great boon.

  2. Indeed...

    Unlike fb and other social networks on web, orkut search is quiet effective when it comes to find long lost pals... God knows if the story about Mr. Orkut is true or not ?

  3. Welcome to Blogosphere!!!
    Orkut ka mahoul hai bhai.....STAY CONNECTED