Monday, March 15, 2010

Why only ‘Fear’?

Last night around one in the morning, I was alone at my place, when I was reading about ‘Ghost hunting’. I came to know about various concepts that ghost hunters use for investigation. It was quite learning and interesting as well.

However, I felt something more interesting in the whole scene.

While reading, I came to know about cold spots and Electromagnetic Fields that ghost hunters detect with their equipments to locate points of high paranormal activities. Although I did not have any of the equipments but I felt cold spots around me. Every single point in the space seemed to me the center of paranormal activities. And suddenly a pulse that sounded like fear initiated somewhere inside me and reached that every point, and again travelled back to its origin. When the pulse stroked me back, I felt the fear at its peak that gradually settled down. After that, no such pulses arose, but the fear that was initiated, remained until I found myself aware in the next morning again.

First thing: from where the wave started, and why?

We are brought up like that only. Our family and the people around us have always talked about ghosts and such paranormal activities that they have heard. That, every talk has embedded a seed of fear inside us, which I found as the origin of that pulse. Moreover, whenever we find any similar situation in present that we have ‘heard’, it is quite normal to recall all those things and the seed activates giving rise to such pulses.

This might be the possible answer.

Second thing: why the fear has become an integral part of our life?

We often come across situations, where we find similarities with our experience or past learning (might be a story only). Every experience implants a seed inside us that activates every time it is insisted. We have common experience with fear in so many forms that almost every situation activates the seed and we ‘fear’.

This might be the possible answer for above question.

Third thing: why only the fear has been an integral part of our life, why not courage, or honesty, or calmness, or peace, or happiness, or whatever we consider ‘good’ for us?

Probably everything can be answered by logic. But, this time I do not want answer, but a question within the readers’ ‘being’ that why only fear?


  1. Fear has its own sides.. Positives and negatives! ( like everything else) Fear, for example, proved to be a fantastic tool for our parents to discipline us as soon as we were out of track! Fear is the greatest obstacle we encounter as soon as we set ourselves on a new path..
    Secondly, I believe nothing can be explained in its entirety in term of physics ( rays, fields and forces etc) until we take mind into account.... Mind is a powerful instrument.. much more powerful than any other instrument we see around us. So mind should be fully capable of creating such 'cold spots' and destroying them. Books, movies and horror stories will only work as catalysts.... There is a famous quote about fear -"We have nothing to fear except the fear itself" .. Thats what learnt masters say..

  2. But I don't see any positive side of fear.... what is going out of track?
    And what the parents use to discipline us is not mere fear.

  3. Well I would have done a lot many nasty things which I did not do because of fear of stick :)

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  5. positive side of fear...
    we pray to God,because we fear ghosts or devils(which i have never felt their existence ) and god will save us.
    we pray to God,because if we do anything wrong then god will save us from the torture of hell or god will reduce our punishment from himself.
    so ultimately we fear god, so we pray them. As a result lots of human being choose a correct path or simple life because of this FEAR.

    though this content is different from the main content but these points are important...

  6. Hmm.. Important point

    But this fear has more negative effects than positive.

  7. You didn't explain why you felt fear. Did you assume that all ghosts wish you harm? If you saw a ghost, would you run?

    The reason I ask this is because although I don't believe in the supernatural, I thought I saw a ghost once- I was in a public house and was shocked to see a semi-transparent humanoid shape swirling around under a light at the top of some stairs. Instead of running, I went to investigate. When I got closer I could see that it was actually nothing more that dense cigarrette smoke being lit from the spot light above. Without investigations and the following understanding we have nothing but fear.

  8. Its not just logic that answers every question that a human mind can pose.
    Fear, though is seeded, knowingly or unknowingly, by ourselves or others, but is inevitable.
    But I feel that fear is a necessity, for all forms of courage to take birth.
    Fear arises from distant thinking, from predicting the possible outcomes of our action. And it is in these moments of strife that we call for arms in the form of courage, honesty and what not.

  9. Very nice blog sir!! :)
    well i dont see much positive points of fear.. and still most of us are living our lives out of fears.. What i feel the root cause is the "nonacceptance to situations that come up unexpectedly in our lives" we all have a frame for our lives and if anything goes out of the frame the fear emerges.We suddenly come out of our comfort zones which we simply dont want to.! Our lives are like living in cocoons(being over protective) and avoiding the so called awkward situations.
    The thing i feel we fear the most is the fear of death..and that is very natural for us.. but the fact is we cant be immortal..everyone has to die..and dats simply not in our hands.. secondly we have fear of taking risks in life because we are not sure if the results would turn out according to our EXPECTATIONS!!
    Now question arises why only fear.. that i feel is because it has become our habit to live in fears, our thinking has become that ways.. again non-acceptance to life.. By now majority of us have seen the movie 'Three Idiots'. The guy Raju was living in fears..He was simply running away due to fears.. but once he realized what he was doing he changed completely with greater mental strength.That was just an example but still inspiration can be taken from it. :)
    Practically speaking being human it's almost impossible to have life without fears.. but yaa the intensity of fear can surely be made smaller by thinking broad and building our-self mentally strong to face anything that comes our way!! Just BELIEVE in SELF!!! :D