Thursday, November 25, 2010

Don’t they have conscience??

We have recently seen a number of scams and scandals that came into picture. Loads of money was involved in those scams. I was having a healthy discussion over it with my friend Tarun, when I came to know about one of our friends, who attended an NDTV Talk show. There he asked a question to the renowned Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam. He asked “Sir, if we look at the amount involved in the 2G spectrum scandal, it is so big that if it would have distributed among whole population of India, it would have accounted for about 1500 rupees per head. So how can these people do this? Don’t they have conscience?”

“Don’t they have conscience?”

A big question! How can a person or a group of individuals do such an act? If the amount was simply distributed among the poor citizens, it could have provided millions of families’ their food for months. Don’t they have any place for Gandhi Ji’s poor man? If you remember “Gandhi Ji ka Jantar”, which is printed on every textbook of NCERT (I hope everyone has read that at least once).

After a long discussion, we came to the common ‘semi-conclusion’, “OK, it is so! This is already happening; we cannot just ignore it and cannot undo it. We cannot control or affect everybody’s intentions and conscience. We cannot blame them either. A Raja has said, “Sometimes I feel alone. I do not want complaining heads but supporting hands.” So, without understanding anyone, we cannot just blame him or her. ‘What can we do about it’, is the next question.”

What can I/we do about it?

Well, being the unit of the whole society I can be honest, sincere and trustful at my place. And, everything that I desire in somebody in the same or at a different position. This is definitely in my hands. So, this is what I can do in minimum for the ‘society I want to live in’. If I fail to do this, I cannot blame others around me because that will be just being biased towards myself and closing eyes for my own faults, and making the unit of the society itself corrupt. Only after I achieve this I shall be in the position to change others around me.
I am not sure if I am doing hundred percent for it, but I am damn sure that my percentage is increasing everyday.

Finally, we came to the following conclusion that I want to share with everyone:
“If they don’t have conscience, I do. And, I can well use my conscience to improve things around me. So does everyone. I cannot bring a revolution and change everyone at the once, though I can work in a direction and make things move and change slowly and gradually.”

“When all the ‘I’s’ around have same concept of ‘being’ and ‘being conscience’, the concept of ‘we’ becomes beautiful.” :)


  1. This is just one part of the money we r talking abt...wht abt the money in swiss accounts??? if India could recover all that money then the day is not far when we will surpass every nation and become wht we r aiming at- Super Power!!! If these hv their so called conscience active they wouldn't hv indulged themselves in such horrendous crime....very truly said 'we' indeed is beautiful than 'I' eye opener post :)

  2. Nishit what u r saying is a again a very question... if u go by essence of the blog... JP is saying we should change ourselves coz it is too difficult to go for a big movements agains ahell lot of corrupt ppl but we can surely change "I".. More number of "I" will do that the less the number of corrupot around us... yes we also need to do somthin in larger context but we can only do that if we change the "I"

  3. Of course, you are correct Ankesh. To change 'I' is what each one of us, who wants to change the world must do at minimum.
    Thereafter whatever we do, will be a multiplying factor...
    Thanks for posting your valuable comments. :)

  4. nice 1 JP,last line was brilliant, i juswanna say dat its nt dat easy being honest, we all start d same way n den due to unavodabl circumstances we becm fish of d same pool,i knw its nt impossbl to b honest bt really midlle men n dullards do crumble

  5. @Vineet: Thanks for dropping your comment

  6. There is an inherent 'goodness' in people. all people. No one is intentionally bad.
    'aam junta' today, is very angry. they are just in wait for that one spark of flame. one tiny speck of fire to lead them. the media has done its job well, even though they have done it for the TRPs. We know- though not everything, but something. big question- as you have rightly said- How? it only comes by keeping the fire inside alive. at no point must we saturate. not lose hope.
    someday- the 'goodness' in us, would remind them of the 'goodness' in them. we wait...

    great writing...
    good blog u ve here!

  7. @Matangi: Thanks for your opinion. It is very true that deep down everyone has some 'goodness'. Each one is required to maintain that fire alive.