Sunday, September 19, 2010


On a lonely street, I was walking towards my room back from nearby market place. The dark street and drunken me. And nothing else I was able to make out there. I had a few eatables in my hands, as after a few pegs I realized that I am hungry and need something to eat. So, I had gone to buy something to eat from a shop that remains open that time.

Suddenly, something appeared in front of me and jumped across the street. Recollecting my awareness, I found that it was a dog, which jumped over to the municipality trash bin. Possibly the dog was also hungry like me, and hoping to find something to eat in that trash. As soon, I realized what is happening around me, I immediately thanked GOD, that it was just a DOG. A DOG, with a very low intelligence. Had it been a monkey, which is more intelligent than dog, he could have snatched my eatables rather than going with an uncertainty of finding rotten eatables from the trash. Had it been a hungry human, he could have put me into trouble.  That is how the situation could have changed with the intelligence of the individual.

Oh My God!! Is it all what intelligence has done to humans?? I thought again.

Of course this is not all intelligence has given to the mankind. However, this is one of its major contributions. I somewhere felt ashamed about this, that we the intelligent beings are not worth trusting, but a DOG is.


  1. Very nice writeup JP.
    We human beings think that we are intelligent, we are not intelligent, we are just superior, and that may be the root cause of all problems. :)

  2. So you could think after being drunk? or being drunk was just a metaphor?

  3. Not a metaphor, I really was drunk last night while i wrote this article.

    And who said that one cannot think after being drunk.... :)

  4. rightly said by sunil, we are just superior, comparing different species on the basis of intelligence or superiority forces me to compare different humans.

  5. speechless!!! short but a very deep message

  6. a good thought ...though a bit confusing but i got what u wanted 2 say !

    cheers ! :-)

  7. When I was a little kid, my dad would tell me to fear humans more than leopards in the jungles that surrounded our village ;) he was right that humans were more dangerous than animals or even unseen-unproven ghosts ;) but i have come to deduce a different equation from all those lessons now..

    few weeks ago.. a monkey was all set to notch me up ;) outside in balcony.. and distance was like 2 feet.. and worst thing.. he was on top of the we were face to face.. :) as I went ahead to pass through, he first took a few steps backward and retaliated quickly with a arggghh.. ;) for a moment.. I thought.. he must be afraid like me .. that is the only reason why he has chosen violence as a possible alternative.. that was like a fraction of second.. so I looked into his eyes with great 'affection' for a few seconds.. without taking a single step back .. he sat there.. then went away quietly :)

  8. with intelligence comes pride and with pride comes snob value and with that comes the thought that we are the best....and this is the thought which leads to many problems like jealousy,selfishness, arrogance and which in turn leads to hatred and mistrust....
    that's y humans are considered as most dangerous species on this planet.

    vaise nice thought..u have matured a lot!! :p