Friday, June 11, 2010

Life of a ‘Butterfly’

Butterfly is one of the beautiful creatures on this planet. Its presence never disturbs or challenges others’ existence as it feeds on leaves and flowers of huge (as compared to its own size) plants or trees. Rather, they are beautiful, helps pollination of plants they feed upon and sometimes end as the food of merciless predators. We have many things to know and learn from the small and attractive creature called ‘Butterfly’.

The life of a butterfly is divided into four stages, namely egg, larvae or caterpillar, pupa and adult butterfly. Throughout its life, it is only the adult stage when we come to notice its existence. However, it takes a long time for a butterfly to become an adult butterfly taking small and eye-catching flights from one flower to other.

Starting from the egg laid by its mother fly, which is well equipped with nutrition it requires to grow and enter the next stage of larvae, it silently grows and emerges as larvae. Once a larva is formed, it starts eating and eating lots of leaves to grow as what we call a caterpillar, without disturbing others. As soon as it is satisfied with the collection of food it has done during the stage it wanders for a peaceful place, hiding from its predators and starts resting. The larva weaves a dense net around itself, which appears like a nut called ‘cocoon’. It is the pupa stage of the life of butterfly, when it rests in love and peace and utilizes only its own store of food. During this stage, it segregates itself from rest of the world and rearranges the nutrition available with it to develop the most vital organs including the tiny wings. Although it now has all the components required to be a butterfly, everything is still covered into the small net of its own. Now, it has to overcome the walls that are created by it. Only after that, it will be ready to FLY.

I am thankful to GO D that it has so perfectly created the butterfly that a pupa never requires anything or anyone to motivate it to smash the walls and exit the self-created web to have a flight in the beautiful world and to add to its beauty.

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